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Celebrate and explore traditions of Ramadan!

The Moon: A Chai Chat

The Moon.png
The Moon.png

We may be around the globe, but we all see the same moon!

What is the religious, cultural, and scientific significance of the moon in Islam and for Muslims? How should we think about new crescent visibility and cosmology? How does Islamic astronomy intersect with classical and modern lunar science? We asked Dr. Nidhal Guessoum, Professor of Physics at the American University of Sharjah, UAE to join us for a late night Chai Chat. Professor Guessoum addressed these questions and more.

The Moon

Tastes and Memories of Ramadan


One of the things we love the most about Ramadan is connecting around the food we prepare, serve, and share in community! And although we can’t gather in Old Union for iftar, the Markaz still wants to serve you a special dish every night of the month. TAMR stands for ‘Tastes and Memories of Ramadan’ and is the Arabic word for ‘date,’ a dried fruit which many Muslims around the world both open and break their fasts with.


At 8 PM PST every night of Ramadan, we will share a story, recipe, artwork, essay, poem, or video on Instagram (@markaztamr) that celebrates your favorite traditional (or non-traditional) meals and reflect on the emotional and spiritual resonances that we get from them. Please consider submitting pieces, too!


Eid Cultural Awareness

MON May 10


A showcase of how Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al Fitr after Ramadan!

Eid Cultural Awareness
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