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Replenish your spiritual self!

Community Duaas

What makes us a community is our love for each other for the sake of God. We are grateful for the bonds God has blessed us with. At our Thursday halaqa, we collectively decided on a few prayers we can say as a community throughout the month. May God accept from all of us.


اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ الْعَفْوَ وَالْعَافِيَةَ فِي الدُّنْيَا وَالآخِرَةِ اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ الْعَفْوَ وَالْعَافِيَةَ فِي دِينِي وَدُنْيَاىَ وَأَهْلِي وَمَالِي اللَّهُمَّ اسْتُرْ عَوْرَاتِي وَآمِنْ رَوْعَاتِي وَاحْفَظْنِي مِنْ بَيْنِ يَدَىَّ وَمِنْ خَلْفِي وَعَنْ يَمِينِي وَعَنْ شِمَالِي وَمِنْ فَوْقِي وَأَعُوذُ بِكَ أَنْ أُغْتَالَ مِنْ تَحْتِي

Oh God, we ask you for healing and well-being in this life and the next. Oh God, we ask you for healing and well-being in our spiritual and worldly affairs, and in our families and finances. Oh God, conceal our faults, and calm our fears, and protect us from in front of us, behind us, our rights, our lefts, and from above. And we ask Your protection from being taken for beneath us. -Narrated by Ibn Majah


رَبَّنَا لَا تُزِغْ قُلُوبَنَا بَعْدَ إِذْ هَدَيْتَنَا وَهَبْ لَنَا مِن لَّدُنكَ رَحْمَةً ۚ إِنَّكَ أَنتَ ٱلْوَهَّابُ


“Our Protector, do not let our hearts deviate after You have guided us. Grant us Your mercy. You are indeed the Giver ˹of all bounties˺. (Quran 3:8)

Daily Quran Recitations

2:30 am / 10:15 am / 6:15 pm PST


Connect with the Quran this Ramadan! The ORSL is joining ICNYU with recitations at different times for listeners in all time zones. The timings vary a little, so please check the registration link.

6:15 pm PST Pre-Iftar Quran Reflection & Recitation with Afraz Khan, Ismail Sayeed & Ustadha Amina Darwish (4/12 - 5/11)

2:30 am PST Late Night Quran Recitation with Ismail Sayeed (4/13 - 5/12)

10:15 am PST Morning Quran Recitation with Ebadur Rahman (4/13 - 5/12)


Halaqas with Dr. Ranuia Awaad

Thursdays @ 6 pm PST


Weekly halaqa/discussion circles centered on spirituality and practice of Ramadan.


Student-led Dhikr Circles

Saturdays @ 9 pm PST


Student led meet-ups to make dhikr (remembrance of Allah), dua (supplications), reflections, and observations on the month of Ramadan.

Dhikr Circles
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