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Virtual Ramadan


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Stories, recipes, artwork, essays, poems, videos, and more on food and all the resonant connections we have with it.


April 6 @ 8 PM PST

We hosted a late night chai chat with a Professor of Physics on the cultural significance of the moon in Islam.

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Come learn from guest speakers about issues impacting Muslims around the world and the action we can take to address them.


Wednesdays @ 4 pm PST

Weekly halaqa / discussion circles centered on spirituality and practice of Ramadan.


2:30 am / 10:15 am

6:15 pm PST

ORSL is joining ICNYU with recitations for listeners in all time zones!

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Want to break fast with someone in your timezone? Itching to meet somebody new? Our Slack will set you up on a fun 1-1 plate (platonic date)!


Saturdays @ 9 pm PST

Student led meet-ups to make dhikr, dua, reflections, and observations on the month of Ramadan.


"Thank God it's Juma!"

MSU is holding Friday night socials for you to connect with peers and celebrate another week in community.

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Check the status of in-person (socially distanced) Iftars, RDE dining accommodations, and more programming for those on The Farm.

Event updates

Join us online


Ramadan mubarak from the Markaz, the Muslim Student Union, the Office for Religious and Spiritual Life!


To better connect our student community during the blessed month of Ramadan, our organizations have launched Virtual Ramadan, an inclusive and accessible online experience. Featuring live Zoom events, community art projects, and social platforms to gather, Virtual Ramadan has something for everyone!

For the full Virtual Ramadan experience, we invite you to join us on Slack & Toucan.

Have questions? Reach out to us at


This project could not have happened without the support of the Graduate School of Education's Digital Learning Initiative.

Thank you to Shelly Goldman, Keith Bowen, Wilson Wang, and the rest of the team!

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